Guide to Buying Bunk Beds

When it comes to saving space, no bed does it better than a bunk bed. These beds are also loved for other attractive features that come in some of them like shelves and drawers. While buying bunk beds can be quite confusing as there are different bed styles and models, by following the below guide, your purchase will be smooth.

Measure space

Anyone looking forward to buying bunk beds should keep in mind the available space. This is in terms of the floor area and the height of the ceiling. For a child’s room, for example, the available space should be at least 2 or 3 feet between the top mattress of the bunk bed and the ceiling so that it prevents any injuries when sitting up. While standard bunk beds come in twin sizes, some have pull out mattresses for the bottom bunk while others have trundle beds that slide out. For people that have interest in bunk beds with a lower pullout or trundle, they should ensure the space available is enough, including for the drawers.

Choose a build

For children the best bunk bed would be the twin size one. Other styles are also available though; for instance win on full bunk beds for more space that may be used by older occupants. When choosing bunk beds, buyers should weigh between the options available in the market. They are mostly simplistic or ornamental.

Choose material

Bunk beds normally come in metal or wood material. Good thing, however, is they come in different colors; hence can easily fit into any room decor. While metal beds have a modern, industrial appearance and are generally less expensive as the materials are more readily available, they may hurt children’s feet and are also difficult to repair. Wooden bunks come in a variety of woods, including cherry, oak, pine, etc., compared to metal bunks, however, they are easier to repair.

Decide on storage and ladder features

People that require storage for clothes, and other stuff should look for bunk beds that have drawers under the bottom bunk or at the end of the bed frame. For older users, a movable stepladder would be a better choice, especially for those that would like to conserve space. This is, however, unsafe for young children. Some bunk beds also have built in stairs that make it easier to access the top bunk.

Assess the safety

A bunk bed with 5-inch  guardrails on either side is much safer than one without. This is especially good when you are getting it for children as kids may roll off the bed as they sleep. Also proper instructions ought to be followed when putting together bunk beds to avoid any accidents in the future. Also find mattresses that fit properly into the bed frame.

Bunk beds are popular not only because they save space but also for their special features like storage drawers and shelves. These beds can be used by both adults and children. To make your purchase smooth, consider the tips above.