How to Mess Up Your Corporate Event Catering

Of course, you’d do anything to avoid these. Your boss just handed this responsibility to you—so you’re doing your best to make everything work. Hiring a catering Melbourne expert is your chance to prove your good judgment and organising skills.

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Yet, here’s what you should know: knowing what to do is good, but knowing what not to do is even better!

Here’s a list of the ingredients for a messy corporate event catering:

Don’t do your homework.

A sure way to encounter problems is by not doing your research.

Even though you’ve had experience, you should still be thorough as if it was your first time.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Check client testimonials of the provider of catering Melbourne wide.
  • Ask your friends and peers for suggestions.
  • Visit the event’s venue and discuss preparation with the staff.

Don’t budget.

If you want to mess this up, simply go loose with your budget plan.

Don’t ever fall into the temptation of exceeding way beyond what you’ve set. Corporate event catering may sound fancy, but not everyone wants to splurge. So, you should start with a good funding limit.

A reasonable budget plan easily defines the kind of service you’ll be getting. It helps you set a limit and then filter what’s unessential or impractical.

In addition, setting a limit helps the catering Melbourne expert provide accommodation packages that suit you best.

Don’t set a theme.

To leave a vague and forgettable impression, don’t set a theme.

Having a theme gives you proper directions. It streamlines things and sets necessary limits, like how a budget does.

Here are some examples:

  • Giving gratitude – This event aims to give thanks for a fruitful fiscal year.
  • Surprise party – This event serves as an appreciation for the hard work of employees.
  • Customer focusing theme – This celebration intends to “give back” to the clients and customers.

Knowing your main concept is crucial since it affects the choice of menu. Remember, you’re aiming to convey an important message or impression. So, don’t forget to make one.

Be fickle-minded.

If you want to waste time, explore all the party catering providers. Then, analyse each of their strengths and weaknesses.

As said above, it’s important to research, but don’t overdo it. Doing so will only delay and put the focus on the wrong things.

Because you’ve already set a budget limit, you should be choosing from providers that don’t exceed it. Don’t overthink on the things you might be missing.

Be inconsiderate.

One way to deliver a mediocre corporate event catering is to ignore your attendees’ preferences.

Once you’ve chosen a finger food catering provider, you should discuss other food options.

Remember, there will be different types of people attending. Various types of cultures, religions, preferences, opinions, and even allergies—they should be considered.

You must discuss vegan, vegetarian, or even gluten-free dishes. Make sure there’s enough for everyone.

Final notes

Now you know the ingredients for a true disaster, perhaps you’ll do your best to avoid them!

Now, impress your colleagues with scrumptious finger food Melbourne chefs whip up today. Hire a catering maven like

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